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Impact of Gilmont Summer Camp

Consider that each week, a typical US child will spend about …

  • 38 minutes in meaningful conversation with parents;
  • 30 minutes out of doors;
  • 7 hours and 38 minutes per day with tv, video games or computers… that’s 53 hours per week; and, while watching tv may see up to 200 junk food commercials on a typical Saturday morning alone…

As a result, our kids are more obese, disconnected from nature, and less able to practice critical thinking and decision making.                                   

Data from The Nielsen Company, 2009; Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010

Yet, during a week of camp at Gilmont, a child spends about…

  • 1080 minutes in meaningful conversation with an adult counselor or mentor;
  • 30 hours out of doors;
  • 0 minutes playing video games or watching tv;
  • 6 hours doing energizers;
  • 5 hours community building; and,
  • Full days working up an appetite for the healthy food we serve!

As a result of a week spent at camp the kids leave more connected to nature, closer to their Creator, motivated to serve others, healthier, stronger team players and, better decision makers.

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  • To the piney woods, just 2.5 hours East of DFW


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