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Gilmont Outdoor School LogoCamp Gilmont Outdoor School (CGOS) is the place where students are immersed in a real-world outdoor classroom. Hands-on activities stimulate the imagination, develop a curiosity about life, and reveal a new world of education that most students never knew existed.


Gilmont Outdoor School offers a Residential Program for fifth grade or Day Programs for grades K-5.  Curriculum is rich with grade-level appropriate TEA required field experiences.

All scientific equipment is provided by Camp Gilmont.  Each Outdoor School activity is correlated to the state objectives.  Gilmont staff members deliver the program, working closely with the classroom teacher to draw classroom connections.

The Outdoor School experience is filled with benefits to students and teachers,  as is clear in their evaluations of the program.


At Gilmont the outdoor school teachers and the children do all of the work! As a teacher, it is so nice to get outside and enjoy nature with no pressure, no lesson plans and no papers to grade.

Carla Nault, Kilgore ISD

The pace is always based on the ability or readiness of the group to move to the next step.  That means it goes faster some years than others and we appreciate that about the program.  The staff has shown an amazing intuition about when “enough is enough” and we should just move on, or “needs more thinking time” and we need to wait awhile.

Nelda Densman, Kilgore ISD

Each day is broken down into different studies, all of which are covered in the TEKS and most of which are covered on TAKS.  The students have a “hands on, real world” experience for 4 days and 3 nights.  They study Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science as well as use multiple types of equipment during the process of the week.  The activities are very well organized for the entire day as well as activities during the evenings.

Shirley Platt, Ware Elementary

Read what the kids have to say about the residential experience.

  • To the piney woods, just 2.5 hours East of DFW


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  • Reach your organization’s goals through the camp experience.