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The prototype residential outdoor school program is four (4) days and three (3) nights and targets students in the fifth grade.  This immersion experience, where students are separated from their every-day world often has life-changing results.  Students and teachers benefit in many ways.Residential curricula focus on science, mathematics, social studies, self-confidence and team building.  Activities during the week include: team building initiatives, forestry, aquatic biology, astronomy, orienteering, geology, and East Texas Pioneer.  Curriculum is correlated to the state objectives.


Camp Gilmont’s Outdoor School provides a setting where students are asking the questions.  Together we find the answers in nature.  Exploring and using our five senses, scientific tools, field guides, and careful observation, students record findings in a scientific format and are then able to draw conclusions about the world around them.


Camp Gilmont Outdoor School made the investment in scientific equipment to assist schools in meeting the state’s educational objectives.  During hands-on activities, students have the opportunity to use:  GPS units, compasses, thermometers, spring scales, meter tapes, aquatic nets and boots, magnifying loupes, and telescopes.

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