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Quotes from past campers…

My favorite thing about camp was:

Playing night crawlers!

Riding the zip line!

The variety of activities, staff and my cabin mates!

I liked being able to fit in with kids that have the same problem.

I got to be myself and not worry about others criticizing my food.  Also, I forgot I was gluten free and that made me happy!

The food, the activities, Turtle Time!



What did you learn this year?

Gluten free food is the bomb!

To have fun with food I can eat!

Its not long enough!


My favorite memory:

Making a bunch of great friends!

Canoes made from pool noodles.

The laughter and the zipline.

Adult: “my kids running to the meal lines”


What I liked: the cabins, the pool, the food!


Favorite Events:  Scavenger hunt!  Free time!  Cooking!  Mountain biking!  Swimming!  Canoeing!  Archery!  The dance!


My Favorite Food Was:  Fried Chicken!   Pizza!   French Toast!   Chicken nuggets!  Chicken pot pie!  Lucky Charms!

  • To the piney woods, just 2.5 hours East of DFW


  • Get re-engaged with the camp you love.

  • Reach your organization’s goals through the camp experience.