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Thank you for the best camp experience I have ever had. I never knew that learning could be so much fun! My experience here has brought me a lot closer with my classmates. My favorite activities were when we did aquatic science with the macroinvertebrates and when we did the energizers. I have really noticed after we went to camp the class has had much better communication, before camp they were just yapping away. Ever since I have had the Camp Gilmont experience I have had a goal to stick with the four C’s, commitment, care, communication, and cooperation, Again thank you so very much.


Marley Beck


I loved Camp Gilmont. I came closer to my class than I ever could have in the classroom. It brought expeirances and feelings I will Never forget. I learned a lot about everything outdoors and the sites were beautiful. It was organized so there was always a backup plan. I learned about string tricks, team building, aquatic biology, east tx forestery, astronomy, orienteering, and on the last day we had a creative pioneering day. There was laughing times and times to be serious (more laughing ones). Team building was the first day, starting the week, getting us ready and learning that ways’ of Gilmont.  The second day was our turn to set the table and clean up. The food was amazing! I am a picky eater but I tried everything and loved it! We had new adults every meal to communicate with. We saw beautiful site in the chapel in the sky. It was beautiful. Astronomy was beautifully wonderful as we learned about the moon, Sourdough Sam and Jupiter. I will never forget our experiences at Camp Gilmont. The outdoor school teachers are kind and caring and Camp Gilmont Rocks!

Sam J.


I think you should keep doing this camp because kids can’t get the outdoor education that you taught us we can’t just go to the store and buy one of those old butter makers and when kids watch TV they can’t really interpret it as well as you can doing it. When we did the 2 man saw we got to see how hard people use to work and we won’t be able to know how hard they worked watching TV. Or when we did astronomy I would have never know that jupitor looks like a star. My favorite activity at Camp Gilmont was the cabin because I got to know people that I’ve never even talked with. Another thing is I really got to ace the four Cs and I really enjoyed it and I hope the next generation does too.


Kalyn Anderson

Camp Gilmont was one of my BEST school experiences ever! This camp really helped me come closer to my classmates and better understand school concepts. Our teambuilding activities really helped us communicate better like when we did the skis. With each pair holding around 8 people you have to use the 4 Cs a lot! Care about other people, Communcate with each other, Commit to not give up, and Cooperate with everybody. The teachers there take time to make sure everybody understand what they mean. All of the activities are fun yet you still learn a lot! We did Astronomy and it was one of my beast memorys. We learned about constalations and Jupiter but it was very fun.

Emma Clark

I think that you should keep Camp Gilmont going because I learned a lot of new things. I learned that in water there are a lot more bugs than you think there are. You changed my life by telling us to pick up trash, in the beginning of the week you had to tell me to pick up trash, but now I do it without anyone asking me. Thank you. Camp Gilmont changed my life.

Daniel Fourie


Camp Gilmont was awesome. I’ve been to 3 camps and this one was the best yet. James was awesome and taught me a lot. The food was good. I think I learned to much science. I will for sure be going to summer camp at Gilmont. The camp was awesome!


               Peyton White


Camp Gilmont is the most fantastic place I have ever been to! I love it so much I am going this summer! The Aquatic Biology was my favorite even though I got really dirty. I miss camp and I can’t wait until This summer when I go back to the camp that changed my life. Now I am not afraid to take a chance and get dirty. By the way the food was Amazing!

Emma Chaikin


Amazing! Camp was an exciting fun filled adventure. I think I would do this again if I could. I never wanted to go, but once I got there I never wanted to leave. This is something that you should do every year till the end of the world. The counselors were amazing they were filled with joy. I miss Cmap Gilmont and wish that I could live there. “Never give up when things get hard.” If you give up when things get hard you will either fail or live in the past. Do you want to live in the past or move on? At camp these were not a choice. “Try, try again’ is what some of the counselors would say.

Your friend,

Kasey Whitemack


Please continue to do Outdoor School! I loved it!!!! I want my children to be able to come!!! One of my favorite activities we did was Aquatic Biology. Our leader dumped a big bag of mud in front of us and we got down on our hands and knees and dug into it with our hands and sticks. We were poking around looking for any sign of living creatures and if we found some we would grab it and stick it in a jar filled with water.  We would inspect the creatures and try to classify them. Some of us found snails, tadpoles, water scorpions, and slugs. A second activity we did was Astronomy. We talked about the phases of the moon and we looked into a telescope at Jupiter and its moons. We saw a bunch of shooting stars. The last day we did pioneering. We churned butter, washed clothes, whittled, and used a two man saw. The most memorial part of the week was being with our leader, Coach Hilliard. The memories my friends and I made will stay with us forever.

Auburn Hilliard




When we did the Team Building it was fun and I thought it was a little challenging, but that’s what helped me learn to not get frustrated with my teammates. It was a great life lesson for me. When we had finished the next day we went to East Texas Forstery. It was one of my favorite activities and because of that activity I might be better at math! On the hike there I was about to pee my pants, but since I was so excited I held it in. As soon as we finished we headed back for some hot dogs, chips and a brownie! Yum J When we finished dinner we headed back to the cabins to get a good night’s rest. In the morning we headed to pioneer days it was so fun, especially the whittling. You taught me how to use a knife. I don’t think you should change anything about it, When I have kids I will send them here for camp!

Anna Ward

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